Work Made me Sick | Mesothelioma

Apr 25, 2017

When you go to work, chances are you don’t spend much time thinking about the hazards you face while doing your daily job. However, many Americans are exposed to dangerous substances and chemicals during the course of the day, making … Continued

Determining Liability in a Slip and Fall Accident

Apr 17, 2017

Walking into the grocery store you fall and injured yourself. You’ve spent a few weeks at home recovering from your injury and have spent countless hours at the doctors having x-rays, scans and the like. You’re not getting paid and … Continued

An Overview of Assault and Battery

Apr 5, 2017

In the past, assault and battery were considered two distinct crimes. Battery required that the person offensively touch or physically strike a person. Battery was classified as a completed assault. However, many states do not distinguish between the two. They … Continued