Medical Malpractice Lawyer Savannah GA | Common Sources

Nov 24, 2017

A lawsuit can be filed against anyone that is thought to have been in the wrong. It is a means through which people whose rights have been infringed upon by another are compensated. This article will discuss what medical malpractice … Continued

I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer Savannah GA | Determining Fault & Compensation

Nov 21, 2017

If you have been injured in an accident, it’s important to understand the steps you need to take to best protect your legal rights. This requires an understanding of the basic legal principles associated with personal injury cases in Georgia. … Continued

Workers Compensation Lawyer Savannah | What About Worker’s Comp?

Nov 2, 2017

If you have become injured or ill because of something that occurred in the workplace, then you can get workers’ compensation. You will not be able to file a lawsuit against your employer if you file a workers’ compensation claim. … Continued

Asbestos and Mesothelioma Lawyer Savannah GA | What you need to know

Oct 12, 2017

If you or someone you know is working in an industry where exposure to asbestos is a possibility, or was employed in the past in a job where exposure was likely, you should be aware of the risks and  possible … Continued

Talk to A Car Accident Lawyer Savannah GA First!

Oct 4, 2017

Auto accident lawyers look for a “tripod for success” to see if a case is worth taking on. There must be liability, damages and insurance to succeed for compensation from an unjust injury or death. If a plaintiff causes or … Continued

Car accident lawyers Savannah GA: The Right Way To Handle A Car Accident Claim

Car accident lawyers Savannah GA: Should someone in the state of Georgia be involved in a vehicle crash; it’s important they know how the state’s laws apply in their case. This will help them with understanding the process they are … Continued

Personal Injury Lawyer Savannah GA | Are you Hurt?

  Accidents happen all the time. It is inevitable that an accident will occur at some point in your life and that you will sustain a personal injury. In a situation where the injury was preventable or due to someone’s … Continued

Personal Injury Lawyer Savannah | Whose Fault is it Anyway?

Sep 7, 2017

Claims for personal injuries are always based on the legal concepts of reasonable duty of care and negligence due to a breach of that particular care. Liability on the part of the respondent is by no means automatic in injury … Continued

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Can Tell You: Doctors Make Mistakes

Sep 1, 2017

We depend on doctors to always be accurate on some of the most important decisions a professional can make. Unfortunately, doctors sometimes make mistakes, or are even negligent or careless. Sometimes their poor decisions cause injuries, prolonged suffering or wrongful … Continued

Criminal Defense Lawyer Savannah GA | Your Best Defense

Aug 23, 2017

Defense Strategies Used by Lawyers The practice of law rarely works the way we see it on television. The dramatic close-up of the witness as they cause the jury to gasp, the unsolicited admission of guilt by the just-arrested suspect … Continued