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What Makes a Good Lawyer?

If you live in the Savannah, GA area and think you may have a lawsuit on your hands, it’s important to find a skilled attorney. You may ask the question “Is there a good lawyer near me?” There are many law firms in the area, however, it’s important that you know all of the qualities, training and general characteristics that all truly good lawyers must possess. It will help you in your search for the best possible Savannah GA Lawyer who can help you to get your case going.

Good Communication Skills

All good attorneys must have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. In addition, they must be good listeners. It is imperative to possess excellent communication skills in order to argue a case in court before a judge and jury. Public speaking is a mandatory skill for any type of lawyer and can be developed while the individual is still in school. Writing skills must also be top notch because lawyers are required to go over and produce their own legal documents.

Excellent Judgment

Judgment is another mandatory skill any good attorney must possess. They have to be able to use logic and reasoning while handling a case whether they are prosecuting or defending. Critical judgment is necessary so that they can make clear and concise arguments. Lawyers also have to be able to detect weaknesses in the opposition’s argument, and possible weaknesses in their own arguments on your behalf. Making quick decisions for a positive outcome can only occur when the decision maker has sound judgment based on experience.

Exceptional Analytical Skills

Lawyers must also have exceptional analytical skills. Legal matters call for more analytical thinking than emotional reaction. Occasionally, there may be more than one reasonable conclusion to a case or more than one way of resolving a legal matter. As a result, a lawyer should have the right analytical skills to determine which option is the more appropriate. You don’t want someone who gets lost or bogged down in the details, but someone who can rapidly comprehend the implications of arguments and ideas.

Great Research Skills

All good lawyers must have good research skills. This is important so that the attorney can more quickly and effectively prepare legal strategies for his or her clients. Preparing those strategies requires a great deal of concentration skills and comprehending large quantities of information. Often, lawyers have a paralegal or a staff to help them with research, depending on the circumstances of the case and the volume of legal precedents.


Good People Skills

Not only does an attorney have to have all the academic skills at his or her disposal, but it is equally important for them to possess good people skills. After all, their craft requires them to work with people and make decisions that affect their lives. Lawyers have to be charismatic, persuasive and possess the ability to read other people. This is particularly helpful if your case requires a jury. It helps them to interpret the honesty of any witnesses and the reactions of the jury.


As with any other very important profession that involves helping other people, lawyers must have a great deal of perseverance. It will serve as a driving force to succeed in their cases. Navigating the Georgia Court System can take patience and connections to get the result you want.

Ability to Work Under Pressure

All good lawyers must have the ability to work under pressure. Frequently, an attorney may be handling multiple cases at once, which means they have to work tirelessly long hours to prepare their cases. They must meet with clients, witnesses, experts and more so that they can effectively represent their clients. There are certainly times when an attorney may be frustrated with a specific case or a certain aspect of a case, but they need to be grace under pressure at all times.


Lawyers must also have excellent creativity in their thinking and ability to solve problems. it helps during a particularly challenging court case. It’s not always easy to elicit the truth from clients or witnesses and find ways to make arguments convincing to a judge or jury.

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