How a Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help

Nov 29, 2016

Wrongful Death: The Most Serious of All Personal Injury Claims Wrongful death claims are very common in the court system and are among the most strongly defended. Many times wrongful death claims are valid, but the question of negligence is … Continued

Hit by a Truck? Get a Truck Accident lawyer

Nov 21, 2016

The Potential High Value of Tractor Trailer Accident Claim Vehicle accidents involving tractor trailers are among the most serious crashes on U.S. highways. Even when only two vehicles are involved there are frequent fatalities, not to mention the very serious … Continued

A Personal Injury Lawyer’s perspective on Dog Bites

Nov 16, 2016

Bites and other injuries from animals occur very quickly because animals tend to react out of fear or nervousness. At times, dogs think their owners are being threatened and react to protect them. Regardless of the cause of the incident … Continued

Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Nov 8, 2016

In the United States, the responsibility for the safety of both prescription and “over the counter” or nonprescription drugs rests with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Before any new medication can be prescribed or sold within the United States … Continued