What You Need to Know about Settlements

May 30, 2017

Most personal injury cases are settled out of court. Only a small percentage of these cases wind up going to court. In most cases, it is better for the parties at odds to try to settle the case out of … Continued

Are There Fire Hazards in Your Rental Property?

May 25, 2017

Surviving a fire in your home is a traumatic experience. Daytime fires spread faster than seems possible. Nighttime fires can be silent killers that people never wake up from. Burn treatments are incredibly lengthy and painful. Even when someone survives … Continued

Shoplifting, Trespassing and Burglary in Georgia

May 15, 2017

Every day, our attorneys aggressively defend clients that are charged with a variety of criminal offenses in Georgia. Many of our clients face shoplifting, trespassing and burglary charges. If this has happened to you or to a loved one, you … Continued

Unfairly Accused? | Defamation Lawyer

May 8, 2017

Defamation is a term that is used to describe a statement that hurts a person’s reputation. Verbally spoken defamation is referred to as slander. Written statements that impugn someone’s character is known as libel. Defamation in and of itself is … Continued

Recent Drug Recalls | Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medicine is rigorously tested before it is released onto the market. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for making sure that medication is tested. Once the drug is on the market, it is monitored in order to ensure that … Continued