Workers Compensation Claims

Dec 31, 2018

Most people who suffer a work related injury or illness realize they can file a workers compensation claim to address the matter. But what happens if they are not fully compensated for their injuries? Is there any other recourse? A … Continued

What Is a Personal Injury Incident?

Dec 24, 2018

Georgia is a state that sees a wealth of personal injury cases each year. Just workplace injuries alone account for 82,000 of the nonfatal injuries that happen in a year. Fortunately, personal injury attorneys are available to assist individuals who … Continued

Common Types Of Medical Malpractice

Dec 17, 2018

The majority of individuals in the healthcare industry work hard to meet the highest standards and provide the best possible care. Unfortunately, situations occur when things go terribly wrong. Patients can be harmed because of mistakes with the medical care … Continued

Savannah Personal Injury Cases- The Basic Facts

Dec 3, 2018

A personal injury case is a legal dispute that comes about after a person sustains an injury from an accident, whether it is a slip and fall, medical malpractice or car accident. When the incident was the fault of another … Continued