City of Alma Fights Back Against Opioid Epidemic

Tate Law Group Joins Forces with The Conner Law Group to Represent Alma, GA.

It was recently announced that Tate Law Group will join The Conner Law Group to represent the City of Alma in the ongoing opioid crisis.  

As of the 2010 census, the City of Alma had 3,466 residents.  Known as Georgia’s blueberry capital, this historic town has felt the hard-hitting effects of the Opioid Crisis — which claims 115 American lives every day, according to the CDC.  Georgia ranks 11th for most prescription opioid overdoses.  

Many lawsuits have been filed by states, counties, municipalities and cities such as Alma that are ready to push back against irresponsible actions of the medical community. In many areas, the increase in opioid usage and addiction has led to substantial increases in the cost of public health services, higher drug-related crime rates, and other blights communities.

If you believe you may have a potential lawsuit regarding the Opioid Crisis, contact the Tate Law Group today.

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