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Medical Malpractice Lawyer Savannah GA


Medical Malpractice Lawyer Savannah GA


A lawsuit can be filed against anyone that is thought to have been in the wrong. It is a means through which people whose rights have been infringed upon by another are compensated. This article will discuss what medical malpractice lawsuits are, and common sources.

What is Medical Malpractice?

A medical malpractice occurs in the event that a medic or healthcare services provider neglects to offer the level of care and treatment that is expected of them. You can file a medical malpractice lawsuit if you feel that a doctor or healthcare facility has omitted to take an appropriate action or gave you a substandard treatment that resulted in injury or harm.

Does this mean that every mistake by a doctor constitutes a malpractice case? No. Mistakes happen in every profession. For a medical mistake to qualify as malpractice, it must be proved that the doctor owed you a duty of care and neglected to provide the care, and that you suffered harm in the event.

Sources of Medical Lawsuits

You can ask your lawyer to help you file a medical lawsuit. Hiring a medical malpractice lawyer Savannah GA is beneficial because of the complexity of these cases. Medical lawsuits can result from:

  • Delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis
  • Childbirth injuries
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Medical errors
  • Surgery errors

Delayed Diagnosis and Misdiagnosis

Delayed diagnoses and misdiagnoses account for the largest percentage of medical malpractice lawsuits. Whenever there is a delay in diagnosis or a wrong diagnosis, there is opportunity for treatments to be delayed, wrong medications to be subscribed, and many other fallacious actions that can negatively affect the patient. When this happens, the patient or his family can sue the doctor or the healthcare facility for medical malpractice.

Childbirth Injuries

Childbirth is a delicate medical procedure which requires the doctor handling the pregnant mother to exercise utmost caution and care. This is also true upon birth. There are a number of fetal injuries that can result from negligence on the part of the doctor or health facility. Some causes of medical malpractice lawsuits related to childbirth injuries include:

  • Negligence During Prenatal Care
    Medical negligence can occur during prenatal care, including: a failure to diagnose a medical condition, failure to identify ectopic pregnancies, or failure to identify birth defects or disease that can be contagious and jeopardize the pregnancy.
  • Negligence During Childbirth
    Medical negligence can also occur during childbirth, which can lead to injuries of either the mother or the baby, or both. Some common medical errors that can occur during childbirth include a failure by the doctor to respond to fetal distress, or incompetent use of equipment that can lead to injuries or death.


In addition to being emotionally draining, medical malpractice lawsuits are very complicated. Enlist the help of an experienced medical malpractice lawyer Savannah GA to handle your case.


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