Tate Law Group Takes Lead in Opioid Cases

Opioid litigation holds drug companies responsible for contributing to the nation’s opioid epidemic. Tate Law continues to file groundbreaking lawsuits for personal injuries as well as local government economic losses.

The United States is facing one of the most devastating health crises in history. Opioid addiction have become the leading cause of death in people under the age of 50 — due to a 300% increase in opioid prescriptions since 1999. To date, more than 600 state, county and city governments have filed opioid-related lawsuits. Thousands of individuals and families suffer, especially in lower income areas. In some areas, there have been reports of more opiate prescriptions than people in city, county or state lines.

The situation has become so dire that the White House administration declared opioid abuse to be a national health crisis. Lawsuits continue to be filed against opioid manufacturers, distributors, medical institutions and individuals who allegedly over-prescribe opiates.

Tate Law Group has remained on the forefront of this battle. We have represented government agencies and healthcare institutions — including the cities of Brunswick, Pooler, and Richmond Hill, as well as Chatham County that are looking to recoup damages from the opioid epidemic. Mark Tate is a preeminent legal authority on the unfolding legal ramifications from the Opioid crisis. He regularly appears on KABC with Dr. Drew and is interviewed regularly by local and national media outlets.

If you think you may have a case involving opiates, contact Tate Law Group today by clicking here.

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opioid addiction

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Chatham County sues opioid makers

Chatham County Sues Opioid Makers

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