Tate Law Group Joins the Fight Against Opioids in Demorest GA

The City of Demorest, GA recently announced they are hiring The Carr Law Group and Tate Law Group in the ongoing fight against the Opioid Crisis. Both teams have extensive experience with the Opioid Crisis.

City of Demorest Mayor Rick Austin says he and councilmembers are personally aware the toll that the opioid epidemic has on individuals, families and event governments.

Demorest has a population of 1,823 as of the 2010 census and is home to Piedmont College with more than 2,000 students when school is in session. Georgia has been ranked 11th in the nation for opioid overdoses.

“We have Habersham Medical Center that’s in our city as well, and I’ll remind everyone that we have a City of Demorest Police outpost that is situated in Habersham Medical Center in the emergency room,” Austin said. “One of the reasons that we man that outpost, and we do that in cooperation with the hospital, is to try to reduce the number of folks coming in that are looking for particularly opioid drugs — so yes, it has cost this city in a number of ways, not only in terms of human capital, but in monetary capital as well.”

The Opioid Crisis was deemed a national emergency in 2017. Since then, hundreds of individuals, cities, counties and states have filed lawsuits regarding the crisis. An average of 115 Americans die each day from an opioid overdose, according to the CDC.

Tate Law Group is well prepared to fight the battle against the Opioid Crisis is Demorest and other areas. If you believe you have grounds for an opioid crisis lawsuit, contact Tate Law Group today.

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