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Takeda Pharmaceutical is currently under fire for failing to warn patients of the risks associated with Uloric, a medication used to manage chronic gout. Approved by the FDA in 2009, Uloric has been linked to extremely severe cardiovascular consequences. Takeda was required to conduct a safety study which revealed an increased risk of death for Uloric users as opposed to other medication such as allopurinol. If you sustained injuries or otherwise suffered as a result of taking Uloric, look no further for trusted legal advocates than our dedicated and highly-esteemed team of attorneys at Tate Law Group, LLC.

What is Gout?

Gout affects roughly 8.3 million Americans and yet there is limited access to medications which treat this chronic disease. Any supposed benefits of Uloric far outweigh its life-threatening risks. Extensive studies revealed of the 6,000 patients observed, 15 of every 1,000 died of heart-related causes.

FDA Black Box Warning

The FDA’s response to this information was to issue a black box warning on the drug, which indicates there is a grave risk of injury or death with the product. Uloric was also limited to patients who did not respond well or at all to allopurinol.

Uloric Side Effects

After at least 30 days of use, patients have reported cardiovascular problems ranging from slight to severe. The most common heart-related complications include stroke, heart attack, and heart-related death. If you experience any of these conditions or more, we encourage you to report these consequences to the FDA here.

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