What are Class Action Lawsuits?

What are Class Action Lawsuits?Class action lawsuits occur when an entity is sued on behalf of a group of people. There are several types of class action lawsuits, however, all class action lawsuits have two things in common. 1) All of the people have the same issues with the company. 2) The number of people is so large that it does not make sense for everyone to try to file an individual lawsuit.

Examples of Class Action Lawsuits

  • Employers who have been a victim of racial, gender or age discrimination
  • Business owners and homeowners who have been a victim of an environmental disaster
  • Consumers who were deceived by false advertisement and purchased a defective product
  • Patients who have experienced side effects due to a prescription drug that they were taking
  • Business owners and corporations who have paid higher prices for products than they should have
  • Investors who have lost money due to security fraud
  • Individuals who have had sensitive information recorded without their consent or knowledge

Why do People Support Class Action Lawsuits?

The purpose of a class action lawsuit is to provide compensation to people who have been hurt by the actions of major corporations. People who choose to file a class action lawsuit will likely get a much smaller amount than they would if they were to file a lawsuit on their own. However, it is advisable in many cases because the court costs for pursuing an individual lawsuit can be high.

Do I Need a Class Action Lawyer in Savannah?

You can file a class action lawsuit without an attorney. However, there are many benefits that can be gained from hiring a Savannah class action lawyer. An attorney can tell you the steps that you need to take to file a lawsuit. Your attorney can also tell you if the lawsuit is worth pursuing.

One Example of Current Class Action Lawsuits

Dial Soap Lawsuit

Dial Soap is being sued because its Dial Complete Foaming Liquid Soap has triclosan in it. Dial claimed that triclosan can kill up to 99.999 percent. If you used dial between January 1, 2001 and January 1, 2019, then you can file a class action lawsuit. You have until March 19, 2019 to file a lawsuit.

You can get up to $8.10 with proof of purchase. You can also get $0.27 per package for up to 30 packages without proof of purchase.

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