What Is a Personal Injury Incident?

personal injuryGeorgia is a state that sees a wealth of personal injury cases each year. Just workplace injuries alone account for 82,000 of the nonfatal injuries that happen in a year. Fortunately, personal injury attorneys are available to assist individuals who are victims of such accidents. The following is a brief explanation of personal injury incidents, the responsibility of the other party, and what a person who receives an injury can do if it happens to him or her.

What Is a Personal Injury Incident?

A personal injury is an incident that harms someone and affects the quality of that person’s life. The element that makes it a unique type of incident is that another person is responsible for the injury because of an act of neglect. The brief definition of neglect is a failure to perform an action that protects another party. Neglect could also be performing acts that harm another party. The idea is that the victim’s accident would not have occurred if the other person had reacted differently.

Who Is Responsible for Personal Injuries?

Any party can be responsible for a personal injury. Pet owners can be held accountable when their pets act violently and bite people. Car drivers can cause other people’s injuries because they fail to obey traffic laws, or they operate their vehicles while something or someone else is distracting them.

An auto accident can also fall on the vehicle manufacturer. If such a vehicle has a defect that caused someone to sustain injuries, and the manufacturer failed to acknowledge or fix it, the company may have to pay a massive settlement.

personal injury

Medical professionals often see themselves in court because of neglect. They can be guilty of failing to diagnose someone accurately. They can be guilty of not giving a person the proper treatment or not tending to a severe need. Since medical professionals take an oath to preserve the lives of others and act in their best interests, society holds them accountable when things go wrong.

Property owners can find themselves in the middle of a lawsuit if they fail to protect people who visit their homes. Slip and fall incidents that have to do with ice and carpet obstructions are common in property owner cases.

Just about anything can qualify as a personal injury. That’s why it’s wise for an injured party to visit an accident and injury lawyer Savannah office and ask for a meeting. No one ever knows what he or she may discover.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Someone from an accident and injury lawyer Savannah office can help in many ways. First, the person can act as a supporter and a confidant who will listen to information about the accident. Secondly, the person will review the case and see if he or she can negotiate to get an out-of-court settlement if the other party seems willing to admit his or her mistake. If the out-of-court settlement is not possible, the personal injury lawyer can fight for justice in the form of a financial settlement. The court will review the case and make its decision based on the evidence presented. The judge will then adjust the settlement amount according to fault if the victim wins.

Should You See a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you think that you have been a victim of a personal injury, your smartest move will be to schedule an appointment with an attorney in Savannah. This person can let you know if you have a chance of winning the case. Aside from that, you may be able to work out a contingency payment plan, which means you won’t have to pay for representation until your lawyer wins the case.

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Take the time to contact a dedicated specialist today and ask to have your case evaluated for a personal injury issue. You will know after your initial consultation how far you can go.


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