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workers-compensation-savannah-gaGetting injured on the job is one of the most difficult times in your life. Injured workers in Georgia face a system where insurance companies routinely deny claims, delay payment of income benefits, refuse to approve necessary medical treatment, and offer small settlements to those who do not have legal representation.

Tate Law Group, LLC works to get proper workers’ compensation for those injured on the job.  We are the only local trial lawyers now offering their aggressive and results oriented practice to injured workers.  Workers’ compensation cases are taken on a contingency fee basis.  There is no fee unless we recover benefits for you.

Federal Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The United States Department of Labor has four major federal disability compensation programs for federal employees. These programs administer several benefits to federal workers or their dependents.

  • Wage replacement benefits
  • Medical treatment
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Other benefits

When federal workers are injured at work or acquire an occupational disease, there is a separate procedure than for state employees who have been hurt on the job. Tate Law Group is proud to handle both federal and state level workers’ compensation cases. If you need help receiving your due workers’ compensation, Savannah GA has the experienced legal team to get you the settlement you deserve – Tate Law Group.

Georgia Workers’ Compensation

Georgia law states that workers who are injured on the job or acquire an occupational disease may receive medical rehabilitation and income benefits designed to help you return to work. When your employer refuses you these benefits, we will step in to help you get the benefits that you need to help pay off the expenses caused by your injury. Some of the expenses workers’ compensation can cover, include:

  • medical bills
  • loss of wages
  • funeral costs
  • lower wages due to a lower-earning job position that is a direct result of your injury

As the injured party, you also have some responsibilities to uphold in order to collect your benefits. When you work with Tate Law Group, our experience greatly benefits you. We are aware of the detailed procedures that must be done, and can guide you through this process. You have already been injured, so it is our goal to make the rest of this process as pain-free as possible for you. We will work with you to gather all the proper documentation for your case so that your case is fully prepared and backed by your medical information. If you are having difficulty getting your due workers’ compensation, Savannah GA has the experienced legal team to get those benefits delivered to you – Tate Law Group. If you are interested in learning more about Georgia workers’ compensation law and procedures, it can be helpful to consult the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Bill of Rights.

Your trial lawyer in Savannah GA

You don’t have to travel very far to receive the benefits you deserve. Our experienced legal team serves local workers right here in Savannah, GA as well as across the country. We work with you no matter where you work or how you were hurt, because we want to help. Your employer has a responsibility to you, to ensure that your workplace is safe from any reasonable dangers. When they fail to do so, it is their responsibility to make it right. We are your local trial lawyer that will help you make it right when they do not. If you have any questions about your rights as a worker, your employee benefits, or how to proceed with your personal injury or workers’ compensation case, talk to the experts at Tate Law Group. Here you’ll find the best attorneys for workers’ compensation Savannah GA has to offer.

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